A Correct room temperature distribution makes the human body thrive with a higher temperature at floor level and lower temperatures toward the ceiling. Traditional high-temperature heating systems create a high temperature at ceiling height and cold at floor level.

According to medical research the floor temperature should be about 22-23C and about 18C at head height.

To maintain an ideal environment the floor temperature should never be less than 18C and not exceed 28C.

EPWarmfloor gives a constant floor temperature through the inherent self-regulation of the system technology, thus ensuring a comfortable living temperature throughout the room with no danger of overheating.

Because the element is contained within the flooring, there is no danger of the rising dust and fumes associated with other heating methods. Fungus cannot settle on the element and even if it was ever physically damaged it will remain completely safe.


Not only is the EPWarmfloor system inherently green in that it saves energy, but the EP heating element is made of bio-degradeable polyurethane & carbon, and does not release any toxic fumes.

All other components of the system are either water-based or can be recycled. All cut-offs are recycled and old heating elements can even be recycled for other purposes.

One great advantage of this product is its versatility. Due to the low energy consumption at low voltage, it is ideal for use with new technology energy sources like solar panels, PV panels or wind turbines.