What is the EPWarmfloor Heating System ?

The EPWarmfloor Heating System is our premier product. Throughout more than 20 years of continuous development and use - at first just in Norway, but soon taking our place in the heating market throughout Europe - we have constantly invested in technological research to make EPWarmfloor as energy-efficient, easy-to-install, comfortable, safe & economical as possible.

Our low-voltage, self-regulating nanotechnology system, with its unique energy-efficiency, easy installation, low profile and reliable durability is the result.

Tested & approved by several European laboratories, it is in complete accordance with legislation,  surpasses all health, safety & environmental requirements and is completely suitable for use with any types of flooring, and in any conditions, wet or dry.

 Thanks to the low voltage at which it operates it is also suited to being used in holiday homes, caravans, boats, or ships, or in greenhouses, gardens and under drives or paths to prevent icing and to thaw snow.

It is particularly well-suited for use in conjunction with solar panels or other alternative energy sources.